About GSCI



1992 GSCI is founded, cementing its foundations and paving new beginnings for the industry

1995 First miniature tactical Night Vision monocular is designed and brought to mass production.

1998 A full lineup of tactical Night Vision systems is added to our catalog, making GSCI the first and only manufacturer of said systems in Canada.

2002 Successful launch of 1st Thermal Imaging device.

2006 First Fusion goggles launched, using dichoptic stimulation techniques.

2009 Prototype of 1st Electronic Fusion device built using GSCI’s proprietary design and techniques.

2013 Implemented the most rigorous quality assurance and acceptance procedure this industry has ever seen - naming it “30-40-30” - while also acquiring the world-renown ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

2017 GSCI’s unique Fusion technology is patented, and while using a vast variety of GSCI proprietary technologies and techniques we challenge the industry; instead of following the standards, we established them. 

2018 Patented Fusion technology is being implemented in the world's first fusion goggles, the Quadro-G, allowing GSCI to continue bringing innovations into the Market. We are also dedicated to maintaining the highest quality manufacturing standards in accordance with our updated ISO 9001:2015 certification.

2019 World’s First Fusion OEM Core is introduced to the market, featuring an unlimited variety of options from basic OEM kit to a fully ready plug-and-play set, having the desired FOV and many unique and proprietary features

2021-2022 Advanced Target locators and Laser Rangefinder Units are conquering the Market



Research and Development. A leader in manufacturing electro-optical equipment. Over the last 30 years, GSCI has been establishing itself at the forefront of the evolving Night Vision and Thermal Imaging industry with the latest technological advancements, innovations and designs.

Design. Uphold the highest standards to preserve distinctive features as per R&D, and in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2015 guidelines. GSCI’s highly trained specialists and cutting-edge manufacturing facility ensure the delivery of superior electro-optical products. 

Manufacturing. Leading the industry with rigorous testing requirements for quality control, using the most advanced technologies available in optical-testing technology. Combining GSCI’s 30-40-30 Rule with the latest ISO 9001, and committing to continuous process improvement. We have produced over 275,000 units to date, in accordance with our testing standards. GSCI’s in-house modern production line allows for efficient prototyping and large-volume production – for finished products as well as OEM kits. 

Global Recognition. With a Global Presence in over 80 countries, R&D, Design and Manufacturing achievements have cemented the GSCI name within the international Military and Law-Enforcement markets by improving the effectiveness of government operatives in unfavorable visibility conditions.  

Customer Service. “Aim for the best, we will help you get there!” - At GSCI we stand by your side from the beginning, we help you make a smart choice, fully assist you with all the export documentation at no cost and provide outstanding post-sale service which is supported by one of the longest available industry warranties of 7 years. 




Performance. Quality. Dependability. Three words that precisely describe the essence of GSCI Systems. Every member of our GSCI team prioritizes above all else the craftsmanship of our devices, as well as overall customer satisfaction. 

We live in a world where competence makes all the difference. This is why GSCI - more than any other manufacturer - puts more emphasis on testing each and every aspect of the system before its release to the End User.

GSCI Performs extensive tests at all stages of production to meet and exceed MIL-STD/MIL-SPEC requirements. Spending 30% of our time testing parts and components, followed by 40% testing compatibility and functionality mid-production, and lastly 30% is spent calibrating and performing post-production tests.

For years, GSCI Products have been the #1 choice among many international military and law enforcement organizations. Their feedback is loud and clear: a GSCI System is the only choice for a true professional. 

International governments are increasingly reliant on thermal imaging and fusion  technologies as the backbone to national defense and security; this is where GSCI differentiates itself from the competition with unparalleled quality and technical capability.